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5 Reasons You Need a Travel Agent

The thought of hiring a travel agent in this day and age may seem a little mundane. Long gone are the days before the internet and to some, the idea of just researching your flights and hotels through a quick google search should do the trick. Although this may win half the battle, there are so many more benefits to hiring a travel agency for your next big vacation than you would think.

  1. We coordinate every aspect of your trip!- Travel is so much more than a flight and a hotel. How will you get to and from the airport? What will you see and do when you reach your destination? A travel agent handles all of the heavy lifting for you so you don't have to sweat the small stuff. From airport transfers, and travel insurance to eye opening and life changing excursions.

  2. Personal Concierge. When booking with Passport Poppin, we are your travel agents from start to finish. From the time you retain our services until you are back home safely. With 24 hour service while you're in destination we make sure your trip is perfectly curated so that you can focus on having a great time and creating memories. Last minute dinner reservations...WE GOT YOU! Want a special amenity delivered to your room on your birthday or anniversary?...WE GOT YOU! Any issues with the airline or the hotel, yep we've got you there too!

  3. Handling Post Lock Down Travel Requirements- Even though most of the world is back outside, some countries still have guidelines for visitors. With 195 countries in the world to explore, this also means 195 different protocols. As your travel agent, making sure you are informed and prepared is our top priority. What ever your desired location is, we ensure there are no surprises at customs which can be a total buzz kill.

  4. We Offer Payment Plans on Trips- No matter your financial situation, Passport Poppin believes that everyone deserves a chance to see all the world has to offer. Our flexible payment plans allow you to make payments on your trip as you go. We plan within your budget so that the only thing hurting is the sun burn from laying on the beach. Not your pockets!

  5. A Passion for Travel- As avid travelers ourselves, the travel agents at Passport Poppin are passionate about what we do. Through our own unique experiences and adventures we've learned a thing or two about the ups and downs of planning a trip. We know that every traveler is different and has their own set of needs. Our clients are not just another number to us. You are a part of our Travel Family!

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