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Hi, I'm Kia! I am so excited to share my passion project, Passport Poppin, with you all. I am dedicated to providing beautifully curated trips to melanated adventurers. Exploring other cultures and freely experiencing the world is so important to me, because it was a luxury and privilege our ancestors could not even fathom. Join the Passport Poppin fam and have the experience of a lifetime!


Get Your Spanish Poppin w/ Passport Poppin!!

Traveling around the world is such a beautiful luxury. The best way to truly appreciate and enjoy a culture is to be able to speak with the locals and make connections. Through weekly 45-minute virtual small group lessons, you will connect with other Spanish learners to practice speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish
the FUN way with Passport Poppin!
One-on-one classes are also available at special request.


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