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5 Reasons to Visit Oaxaca, Mexico

As you all know already, I am a lover of culturally-immersive travel. My first international trip ever was to Oaxaca, Mexico. My mom couldn't even pronounce the name and she was trying everything she could to convince me not to go. Thank God I didn't listen, because it absolutely changed my life! I am so excited to be hosting a trip of my own to Oaxaca, Mexico this year for their Day of the Dead celebration. If you are interested in joining us and want to learn a little bit more about this amazing city in Southern Mexico, then keep reading for 5 reasons why you should visit Oaxaca, Mexico!

1. The Food!

Oaxaca is world-renowned for its gastronomy. People from all over the world come to enjoy the award-winning restaurants, and the countless vendors selling fresh breads, corn, and of course, tacos!

2. The Culture!

The Day of the Dead is one of the most popular tourist seasons of the year. From taking pictures with people dressed in elaborate costumes to following a live band through a neighborhood and dancing at every stop, people enjoy the festive atmosphere.

3. The Safety!

Oaxaca is safe and welcoming for tourists. In 2020, Travel and Leisure magazine named it the best city in the world! HBCUs such as Howard, Morehouse, and Spelman Colleges have held programs in the city since the early 2000s. I went with Howard in 2014 to enjoy this beautiful city and felt extremely safe exploring the city.

4. The Prices!

Oaxaca is relatively inexpensive for tourists. A taxi ride across the city costs about $5. One delicious street taco will run you about 50 cents. Shopping in the local markets are super affordable too!

5. The Vibes!

In Oaxaca, people still actually talk to each other. Suprising huh?! From your host family that can help you find where to find the best deals in the city, to people at the local coffee house who will strike up a conversation with you. If you love actually connecting with humans, then Oaxaca is a great place to be!


Convinced yet? Of course you are! So then go ahead and join Passport Poppin in Oaxaca this October to enjoy the beautiful Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico!

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