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Why You Need to Visit Cartagena, Colombia

In the northernmost part of South America sits the major port city of Cartagena, Colombia. Bordering the Caribbean Sea, it’s beautiful beaches, colorful Spanish Style architecture and tropical climate makes it a perfect spot for vacation and exploration.

Influenced by European, Indian and African cultures Cartagena provides a multicultural paradise with a rich history and a beauty to match. From the volcanic sandy beaches of Bocagrande (Big Mouth) to the colorful streets where culinary gems and pockets of local culture with a bustling nightlife thrive.

The Palenques de Cartagena have become one of the most recognized cultural symbols of Cartagena. The beautiful women who adorn exotic fruits on their heads and sport colorful dresses are a part of the Afro-Caribbean history of Cartagena spanning back as early as the 1500’s. In 1619 the city of San Basilio Palenque gained their independence from Spanish Colonial rule. The women of the town decided to bring income into the city by using the resources that were abundant to them…FRUITS! Traveling from city to city selling fruit from beautifully weaved baskets on their heads the women of the Palenque people soon became the most recognizable figures of Colombian culture representing triumph, strength and beauty.

Bocagrande translated to Big Mouth is a neighborhood in Cartagena known for its skyscrapers and being a main hub for tourism with nightclubs, art galleries and world class hotels. The beaches of the northern Caribbean city are made of volcanic sand and crystal clear waters which makes the city the best of both worlds with both the relaxation of the beach and the hustle reminiscent of any other major urban city.

Calle de Sombrillas (Umbrellas Street) Lined with colorful buildings previously known as Callejón Angosto (Narrow Valley) is a street in Colombia that pictures are made of. True to name, this street is indeed narrow, however, the picturesque architecture and the shade from the hanging umbrellas make it the perfect place to cure a spell of wanderlust.

Join us On our group trip to Cartagena this summer as we explore this beautiful South American country and turn up in true Passport Poppin fashion.

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