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Passport Poppin’s Black-Owned Guide to Charlotte, NC

I am super excited to be taking the first vacay of 2021. My girls Jakiya, Anj, and I will be taking a road trip over MLK weekend from DC to Charlotte, NC. We are all part of BGM Studio Productions where we produce a travel show called The Next Stop. You can check it out on Youtube. It is a super fun travel series where we travel around the US (safely) during the era of Covid.

I have not taken a real trip in a while. In addition to being excited for my trip, I am excited to share with my PP travel fam all the things that I have planned for the trip. See the guide I have made below, and maybe save it for your next trip to Charlotte… It may just be a PP trip!

10 Black-Owned Dining & Activities in Charlotte, N.C.

1. Dine at Leah & Louise: A modern juke-joint with delish southern food. Pictured above is one of their delicious dishes. Credit: Peter Taylor

2. Get customizable popsicles at Popbar

3. Drink some fresh & delish smoothies at Hip Hop Smoothies

4. Eat Caribbean cuisine at Mama’s Caribbean Grill & Bar

5. Let your inner baddie come out at Inner Diva Pole Dancing

6. Get some authentic Ethiopian food at Abugida

7. Treat yourself to a Brazilian, Vajacial, and Yoni steaming at V Spa

8. Dine on mouthwatering tacos at 1501 S Mint Street

9. Grab some fresh croissants at Bruney’s Sweets & More

10. Enjoy some delicious Vegan food at Veltree Vegan Restaurant

Okay travel friends! That is my guide that I will be using to explore Charlotte next weekend. I am excited for a girls getaway and will definitely let you all know how it goes!

Follow @_passportpoppin on IG for more travel vibes.

And be sure to follow @bgmstudioproductions on IG & BGM Studio Productions on Youtube to watch the Charlotte episode of The Next Stop! Peace, love, and safe travels!

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