Top 5 US Destinations for a Hot & Steamy Baecay!

Baecations are the perfect way to reconnect with your person. And let’s be real: vacation sex is top 2--- and it ain’t number 2, honey. Keep reading to see Passport Poppin’s Top 5 Picks for a hot & steamy baecay!

5. Aspen, Colorado

This destination from December to February is a dreamy and romantic winter wonderland. Aspen is the perfect place to cozy up with bae in a jacuzzi or by the fire. Grab some skis and hit one of the many snow slopes. Since it is cold, you’ll need to share body heat to keep warm!

4. Napa Valley, California

Vineyards are so romantic. Think about it. Fresh, crisp air, beautiful landscapes, and wine?! Sounds like a pregnancy starter pack to me! Northern California’s Napa Valley is the perfect place to taste wine on your lover’s lips on a Napa Valley Wine Train, reopening for Covid-safe trips starting March 1. 2021.

3. New York City