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Why Getting Lost On Vacay is Important

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

On every vacation I have taken, I have my own personal travel ritual. The first day that I arrive, I take that time to check into my Airbnb (I never stay at resorts) to unpack, unwind, and get comfy in what is essentially my home for the next few days. That day I usually find food close by the house, which is normally in an area where mostly locals reside-- hence BOMB af, un-gentrified food. Day 2 is when the fun starts.

Day 2 is one of the most important parts of my travel ritual. That is when I intentionally get lost in the city. I leave out of my Airbnb and just start walking- in whichever direction. Now, I know that probably sounds crazy, but I promise I am totally safe and have thankfully never run into any issues. On my escapades, I have come across amazing hidden gems that I otherwise would have probably never found. I recommend getting lost in a city on vacay and really immersing yourself in your surroundings for a rich experience. If it sounds crazy, keep reading below for some of my tips that I use to [Safely] get lost in a city.

  1. Memorize your Airbnb or Hotel Address. Be sure that you have a somewhat pretty good sense of direction. That way you can recognize the immediate surroundings of where you are staying.

  2. Be sure that wherever you are has Uber or some type of local rideshare service. This is just in case you REALLY get lost and/or tired of walking around. This can help you get back to your Airbnb or hotel easily and quickly.

  3. Learn some important phrases in the local language. I am always encouraging my Passport Poppin fam to try to speak SOME of the local language if it is possible. This really helps you to have a better travel experience all around. (Hint: Sign up for Spanish classes with Passport Poppin)

  4. Be sure you write down some of the cool places you pass by if you want to visit later on in the trip. You’re probably thinking “DUH KIA”. But listen, I walked around HOT ASS Panama City for 2 hours trying to find the cute little shop I passed by earlier in the trip. WRITE. IT. DOWN.

Okay travel friends, I hope this has convinced you to try getting lost in the city on your next vacay. Peace, love, and safe travels!

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