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4 Ways to Have a Culturally-Enriched Trip

I get it. Vacays are booked for your booty to be on somebody’s beach, for your hands to be wrapped around somebody margarita, and for you to be as far away from responsibilities as possible. And I concur with alladat! HOWEVER, I am a huge advocate of getting out and deeply exploring the rich culture of the place you are visiting. So, I am here writing this today to convince you to leave your hotel pool for a day and explore what your destination has to offer- it could be the time of your life! Need tips on how to experience the local culture more while on vacay? Keep reading…

1. Stay at an Airbnb outside of tourist traps

This is a great technique to do to immerse yourself more. You can wake up and start your day eating at a Mom & Pop’s local brunch spot, befriend some of the neighbors, and travel as if you are a local! It is a great way to support the local businesses!

2. Learn the local language

Ever heard the saying “If you speak 3 languages you’re trilingual. 2 you’re bilingual. And if you speak one then you’re American”? It is known around the world that Americans typically know only one language- English. While English is definitely a language that is spoken virtually everywhere, it is still great to learn the local language of where you are traveling. It will help you connect and befriend the local residents on a deeper level than you may have just by speaking English.

3. Volunteer/Donate Supplies

Around the world there is need- in America too! So if you are traveling and have the funds, time, or supplies to give back to those in need, then that is a great way. There are many children orphanages, schools, animal sanctuaries, shelters, etc. that could use some extra resources. By doing so, you will experience a deeper understanding and connection to the area that you are traveling to.

4. Get lost on purpose via local transit

Sounds super crazy, I know. HOWEVER, the times that I had absolutely no idea where I was while on vacay helped me to find places I may never have had the chance to visit. Grab your mask, hop on a bus, metro, streetcar, etc. and just ride and get off wherever you feel comfortable. Read this article if you are wary about getting lost abroad and need tips on how to do so safely.

I hope all of these tips have encouraged you to try to get out there and [safely] explore beyond tourist traps when you are out and about.

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