5 Easy Things to Do in Quarantine to Cure Travelitis

If anyone is a victim of TERRIBLE and chronic Travelitis caused by this damn global pandemic, it is ME, chile. I have been scrolling through old travel pictures feenin’ like Jodeci just to board a flight and be half naked on somebody’s beach. However, I personally don’t feel comfortable traveling to another country JUST yet. Not because I am afraid of getting Covid there, but more so because I am afraid of being another American who may potentially increase the cases in other countries. I know, I know. I may get dragged by people who are traveling internationally, but it’s how I currently feel at the moment.

Anyway, to cure my Travelitis, I have been doing a few things to make myself feel better. And lucky for you, I plan to share it! Keep reading to find out some easy ways to cure your Travelitis if you wanna leave this crazy ass country, but are maybe not comfortable doing so just yet…


1. Take a MFing ROAD TRIP!

Okay, prior to Covid, I was guilty of never being interested in exploring the U.S as much as I was interested in exploring international destinations. After we started lockdown, I realized that there are really so many interesting destinations to see in this country. I follow some people on Passport Poppin's Instagram who have been exploring places that I would have never even thought about before Corona. Like right now I want to visit Utah. UTAH! Of all places. No shade, but prior to all this it was never really on my radar, but it looks so nice and there surprisingly lots of interesting things to do. Book a cheap car through Turo, grab some of the people you love, and enjoy a place completely different than what you are used to visiting

2. Try To Cook New International Foods

I am admittedly NOBODY’S chef. However, I think to give you a taste of something new (pun intended), you can try to find recipes for international dishes. Visit Japan from your home by trying to make your very own sushi. Take your taste buds to India by trying to make your own tikka masala and samosas. Make your kitchen smell like Nigeria by making some delicious Jollof rice. Wherever you are dying to travel physically, bring it to YOU in the comforts of your own home by trying to cook it.

3. Visit an International Restaurant in your City