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4 Black Icons that Have Impacted the Travel Industry

As we celebrate the accomplishments of black people in the world for Black History Month, I would be remiss as a travel brand not to mention some of the amazing contributions Black inventors and pioneers have made for the travel industry. Keep reading to find out some Black icons that should be given their flowers from us travelers.

1. If you stopped at a red light today, thank Garret Morgan, (1877-1963) inventor of the traffic light:

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2. If you need some Black Girl Travel Magic Inspo, give Bessie Colman (1892-1926) her flowers! First Black Indigenous woman to earn her pilot license.

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3. If you have ever taken an elevator to your hotel room, thank Alexander Miles (1838-1918) for his patent for automatically opening and closing doors.

4. Booked a trip on a computer? Give a shout out to Mark Dean (1957- ) co-creator of the original IBM personal computer.

These are just 4 of the countless Black icons that have impacted our everyday life today. So grateful for all of their hardwork at breaking out of the constraints society tries to place on Black people. Thanks for reading travel friends! Peace, love, and safe travels.

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